• That you don't have to deal with strangers from Facebook or Craigslist?
  • That you don't have to deal with strangers from Facebook or Craigslist?
  • That you could sell your vehicle to the highest bidder in just 1 hour?
  • That we can sell anything with a VIN?
  • That your vehicle could be worth much more than Kelly Blue Book offers?
  • That you are NOT OBLIGATED to sell if the price is too low?
  • That you can sell your boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, snowmobile, and tractor?
  • That you don't have to sit for hours in a showroom waiting for an appraisal?



How Does a Mobile Auction Work?

Stop Wasting Time

Instead of visiting dozens of dealerships and waiting for hours at each one to get a quote for your vehicle. Get your vehicle in front of all of them in a 20 minute auction.

We Come To You

Visit our appointment page and pick a time that's best for you! We will come to you with our mobile van to perform an inspection and set up a LIVE auction.

Instant Sales

After the live auction, if the price is right, we will provide the paperwork to sell your car and write you a check for payment. It doesn't get any faster than this!

No Obligation

If you are not satisfied with the live auction's final bidding price and it has not reached the reserve price that you chose, you do not have to sell your vehicle.

Everything has a VIN!

Welcome to VIN Live Auctions!

Join the fun with us as we will come to you and take a few quick pictures and information on anything that has a VIN and put it on a LIVE AUCTION for you to watch and see what it will bring!!

As the timer counts down, you will see those bids start to roll in. After the timer runs out, the final bid is punched in and the sweat drops off your forehead… You will see what your vehicle brings right there!

Final step and question you have to decide on: is this the magic number for you to sell?

NO OBLIGATION, the decision is yours. If the sale does not reach your reserve price (Max $2000 over KBB value) then you’ll have zero obligation to sell.

Dealers from across the country will bid on your vehicle! If this is the right number for you, we will sign papers and cut you a check on the spot!

The entire process takes about an hour.

20 Minutes for the Inspection
20 Minutes for the Auction to run
10 Minutes for the Paperwork

If you are satisfied with the price your vehicle brings, all you have to do is supply the title and you leave with a check.

Avoid having to interact with strangers that come from Craigslist, Facebook Marketplaces, or other classified-type Outlets who have NO IDEA what your car is really worth.



Check out our contact page, and give us a call. You can also book right here on our Appointments pages. Be sure to select mobile on the booking calendar! Depending on your location, there may be a small travel fee for us to come to you.


Come visit us directly at our storefront in Columbia SC, located at 80 Weed Drive Columbia SC 29212. Sit and relax in our comfortable showroom and watch your vehicle auction live on our tv screens. Call us to schedule, or use our Appointments page.


Head on over to our Appointment's Page and Schedule your own VIN Live Auction!